Mass email triggers student body conversation

Students comment between each other with mass email system.

Students comment between each other with mass email system.


On Friday, Southeastern student’s reply to an Accounts Receivable Department’s mass email triggers a massive email conversation between student who received it.

The Accounts Receivable Department sent an email on Wed., March 6 alerting students that the balances left on their accounts must be paid in full by March 18 in order to participate in early Summer and Fall registration.

After seeing the email, student Jeremie Peyre replied on March 8 to notify the department of an error on his account. After many students’ confused email replies, other students began to message each other posting funny comments, and even used the mass alert as a networking tool to gain Twitter and Instagram followers and invite students to campus organizations.

Student Government Association (SGA) President Branden Summers commented notifying students of what SGA has to offer. “SGA office has FREE scantrons, coffee, water, pens and pencils everyday. We are constantly making it rain every type of scantron. Our office is located in Mims 118.”

On his facebook page, Summers again comments again about the mass email. “I’m sorry but I can’t do anything about the mass email. I think it’s quite hilarious and have a new love for the students of SLU. Go Green, Go Gold, Go Pay Your Money.”

Many students used it as tool to ask students to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Kyle Carson comments, “This is the greatest mess up of ALL TIME.” Then ends his email with a signature of how to follow him on social networks – @KNUBB.

While some may enjoy the mass email others, like Adrienne Simoneaux, replied their distaste for the emails. She wrote, “Its All Good because everyone who keeps emailing and replying to all AFTER being asked to stop have been reported, esp with sending non SELU (twitter,instagram etc.) information~This is not acceptable nor ‘FUNNY’.”

Due to some of the negative responses, Biological Science Prof. Richard “Rick” Miller suggest a solution for student not wanting to see the emails. “In gmail you can set up a filter under setting with “Re: Account Balance” in the subject line and then set these emails to be deleted,” he said.  ”Your trash will fill up, but you can go back and delete them after the flurry dies down.”

After many complaints and acknowledgements, Peyre began a new mass email apologizing for the initial mass email. “I’m really sorry for the email you got from me,” he wrote. “BTW, thanks for those who tried to help me.”

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Mass email triggers student body conversation — 2 Comments

  1. I believe you are right. It’s just another way to connect with people. I don’t like that the SGA moved out of the student union. C’monnn. haha. It’s a great way to also meet and network with new people!