Staff Lions

Welcome from the Staff Lions of SoutheasternUReporter! We are a group of students majoring in Communication at Southeastern Louisiana University, interested in news and the telling of it. Specifically, we are interested in telling the news as it is found on our campus and in the communities of our students.

Madison Chauvin | Staff Reporter

Junior communication major. I am involved in Phi Mu Fraternity as well as Ducks Unlimited. Being from Hammond, I’ve bled green and gold my whole life and am always ready to Lion Up!



Emily Jones | Staff Reporter

I am a sophomore majoring in Communication. My focus area is in production writing. I have a passion for TV, finding plot-holes in stories, and writing just about anything. I put these passions to good use by being part of Southeastern’s Broadcast Education Association where I work on the organization’s YouTube channel.

Tanya Kramer | Staff Reporter

I am a senior at Southeastern Louisiana University and am working towards a double degree in Graphic Design and Multi-Platform Journalism.





connor staff reporter

Connor Raborn | Staff Reporter






Jordan Reid | Staff Reporter

I am a senior majoring in Communication with a focus area in electronic media. I would like to pursue a career as a news producer at a TV news station after graduation. I am a news producer and editor for the Southeastern Channel’s Northshore News as well as an entertainment producer for College Night. I am a member of Southeastern’s Broadcast Education Association and Press Club.



Mallorie Sanders | Staff Reporter

I am a junior majoring in Communication with a concentration in public relations. I am currently an intern at the Tangipahoa Parish Tourism Commission. Ideally, I would love to build my career as a PR Specialist and focus my skills in politics. I have a passion for all things baseball, and I’m a bit of a political enthusiast. In my free time, I enjoy keeping up with current events, being on the water, and binge-watching shows on Netflix, especially Friends and House of Cards.

Natalie Ragusa | Staff Reporter

I’m a senior communication major with a concentration in multi-platform journalism. I am a member of the Press Club, and have had my work published in The Southeastern U Reporter and The Daily Star. I look forward to graduating in the fall and starting my career as a journalist.



Branna Owens | Staff Reporter

I am a Communication Major with a major love for words and writing. I love long walks on the beach, level-hanging picture frames and and the new perfectly-manicured eyebrow trend. I think everyone deserves good eyebrows. Once your eyebrows are on point,the rest of you has to follow. This is a natural law of the universe. I also love black beans and tree frogs.  I’m looking forward to graduating in May and will enter the healthcare industry.



Joseph Palmisano | Staff Reporter

Joseph is a senior Communication major at Southeastern Louisiana University. Although his studies concentrate on public relations and organizational communication, he is learning how to tell the truth through journalism.

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