Southeastern students take on Interval 30

There is no need to pay the monthly fees for CrossFit when the Pennington Student Activity Center at Southeastern Louisiana University has its own version, which is known as Interval 30. The program is a high intensity training course that focuses on CrossFit style workouts where participants preform 30 second warm-ups and exercises in intervals of 30 repetitions.

Southeastern students take a moment to pose during the new Interval 30 workout class. A CrossFit style class now offered at the Pennington Student Activity Center on campus.

I spoke to Interval 30 trainer Harli Manuel about the differences of Interval 30 when compared to CrossFit, “All of the moves are the same it’s just not the name brand CrossFit things. We can’t compete in the CrossFit type games and we also do not do the regulation CrossFit moves that most of the gyms do. Other than that the classes are pretty much the same thing. You go in the normal warm up, you do a type of weight training and then you go straight into the workout of the day,” said Manuel.

The biggest difference in these two classes is basically the name brand. Despite the name brand difference, Interval 30 has reported steady student participation this semester.

Student Ivy Ainsworth gave me her opinion on the class. Ainsworth said, “The class is definitely working for me. I have pushed myself farther than I thought I could. Just in one month I’ve noticed changes in my body, like dropping inches and gaining muscle.” Ainsworth went on to tell me her favorite part of the class. “My favorite part of the class is doing exercises with the barbell and always having something different; it is never the same! My favorite was max week because it showed how strong I was and it’s only the beginning!” Interval 30 allows you to do multiple workouts and by doing the maxes, the class shows you how much you are improving.

Interval 30 is a program offered for all students and it is priced at $100 a semester. For students who are scared or hesitant this is what Manuel had to say, “The first time you come in its free so your first session is free. Students shouldn’t be scared because every workout is scaled to your own fitness level. There are people in there who couldn’t lift up a barbell and now they are doing Olympic lifting like they have been doing it for forever. The trainers will work alongside myself to make sure no one gets hurt and everyone takes it at their own pace.”

For more information about upcoming classes offered by the Pennington Student Activity Center you can visit the website below:

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Post Author: Neil Bourgeois

Neil Bourgeois
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