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Photo by: Austin Cradic Pictured above left to right: Nicloas Shipman, Matthias Flowler,Emily Swallow, Austin Cradic
Photo by: LGBT+ Organization
Pictured above left to right: Nicloas Shipman,
Matthias Flowler,Emily Swallow, Austin Cradic

At Southeastern openness has always been a stand by motto, and for Southeastern’s StandOUT organization. This is Southeastern Louisiana University’s student run lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ+) society, gay-straight alliance, and activist organization. Previously known as Pride, and before that the Dukes of Orleans this organization recently formed the organization is all about having a safe, and friendly environment in which people of all orientations can express themselves freely.

With October being LGBTQ+ history month the organization has been teeming with interest from students. Most recently a bake sale with things ranging from cookies to rainbow cupcakes was held and all proceeds and donations went to the Trevor Project.

They also in this organization discuss many topics are discussed ranging from, “safe space” which was held on Wednesday, September 18th in the Student Union to create an environment of acceptance, support, and understanding for all students, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ+), all the way to advertisements from Bertolli that wasted no time to capitalize on the anti-gay missteps of competitor Barilla’s chairman, Guido Barilla. The Bertolli company in Germany released a graphic relaying its gay-friendly corporate and consumer culture that depicts a pair of same-pasta noodles and the carb-loaded friends who love them.

The Safe Space program helps to achieve that goal by providing training and awareness on LGBTQ+ issues and offering safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students. Austin Cradic the organization’s President said, “All officers took part in this training to help specifically communicate and be mediums for LGBTQ+ individuals who are seeking help or counseling for personal sexual orientation and gender identity related issues or concerns. We are not full counselors ourselves but we are here for others to have a safe place to talk about their issues without being discriminated or judged.”

StandOUT would like to invite other students to drop by and see more of what the organization is about. Meetings are held on campus in Fayard Hall 5:30pm Mondays in room 232 for business and for social meetings they are held Wednesdays in Fayard room 109 at 5:30pm.

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