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Taking the editing baton from Bruno Mars himself, High Quality Gifs Studios released their latest interpretation of the original video “24k Magic.” As only their third project, HQGS put out their first video in three months and has proved again that time and manpower can create non-profit, quality content. The video features cameos from current media including The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, Futurama, Star Wars, SpongeBob Squarepants, Rick and Morty and many more.

While fan-made edits of music videos are nothing uncommon, they typically are not done by 21 users.

“This project could certainly be done by one person but it would take an extremely long time,” said Colton Vickers, a student graphic artist for Southeastern’s Athletic Department.

The moderators and community of the High Quality Gifs reddit thread came together to make sure that every second of the music video was filled with community-generated content, separating the parody from the original. The community is typically centered on using scenes from movies, popular television shows and other professionally created content to reinterpret certain events in the shareable .gif format.

It is speculated whether the members are editing professionals, or just strong enthusiasts, but the methods used in the editing of the video such as 3D rigging and rotoscoping of footage are industry standard of modern post-production professionals and are taught in courses at Southeastern. All of the editors were responsible for certain scenes, and given the creative freedom to include references, effects, and animation styles unique to themselves.

Using this amount of copyrighted materials imposes the threat of legal action even though the group is not asking for financial gain from their projects. The group’s first project, a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” had to be published without audio.

“We’ve perfected our copyright process since Tay Tay [Taylor Swift]” said reddit user _BindersFullOfWomen_, one of the editors on both videos.

Since then, the group has made sure to cover their tracks so that their latest projects, such as parody of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” could be published without any copyright issues.

Warning: This video contains explicit language and adult content.



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Post Author: Mason Dauphin

Mason Dauphin
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