Kaepernick dies in 18-wheeler accident


[SAN FRANCISCO, CA]-Colin Kaepernick died after being struck by an 18 wheeler on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in the early morning hours of October 26, 2016.

The big rig ran over him after he kneeled in the middle of the highway. Sources say that the driver of the 18 wheeler was blaring the national anthem on the radio. This is what ultimately caused Kaepernick to take a knee.

Seth Leto, the driver of the big rig said, “I was being all patriotic and stuff, then boom, I hit what I thought was a raccoon.” Kaepernick’s lack of a brain made him feel lighter, which is why he assumed it was a smaller animal.

Victoria Bankston, a witness to the accident said, “I can’t believe someone would be stupid enough to kneel down in the middle of the highway.” Bad things happen when you take a knee during the national anthem. She seemed very calm after the accident was over. Bankston said, “At least he didn’t hit a raccoon.”

Police arrived on the scene shortly after Kaepernick’s untimely death. Police Sgt. Willy Everlearn made a statement after investigating the death scene. Sgt. Everlearn said, “We are all saddened by the loss of one of America’s least favorite quarterbacks, but at least he died for what he believed in.” No charges were filed against Leto on the grounds of “defending his country”.

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