Give Me a ‘Spring Break’ & Show Me The Money

Money is always on the minds of college students, especially when the reprieve of Spring Break is right around the corner.  According to a Southeastern UReproter survey, 57.1 percent of students have plans to travel and 42.9 percent plan to stay home.  For those that plan to travel, their destinations range from Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, […]

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Tell us about your travel experiences!

Hey there! We want to know about your travel experiences! Loading…

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Southeastern U Reporter seeking St. Patrick’s Day adventure story

We are writers for the Southeastern U Reporter interested in writing a story about St. Patrick’s Day. We are looking for responses about St. Patrick’s Day activities, as well as stories from students that have traveled to Ireland. We would like to know what your experience was like there and what you did on your […]

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HIPS prepares for first tour with professor

On January 25th, The History and Political Science Society (HIPS) is inviting students to walk the streets of New Orleans for a cultural experience like no other. The organization was popular in the 90s and was reestablished by students this past summer with new by laws and members.  It is was marked as the first organization to represent the […]

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Big band with a big sound

Modest musicians create an extended play album with a mammoth sound to go with their colossal heads. It was a small world type of thing when local New Orleans progressive rock-trio, The Colossal Heads, met. All in different bands with a different musical sound, until Tony Italiano glued everything together in May of 2013. Each member brings […]

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Star Wars posters

Traveling poster vendor offers eclectic selection to students

Ross Robinson leaves his mountainside home in the jungles of Thailand for 35 to 40 weeks every year to sell posters at college campuses across the U.S. What started as a record store that he opened in New York City in 1970 eventually became a traveling poster sale that offers a widely varied selection. Robinson […]

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