Two bills dismissed in SGA senate meeting

For the first time in this semester year, the Student Government Association (SGA) senate did not pass two travel grants in one senate meeting. “Members of the Ceramics Club are going to NCECA which is a National International Ceramics Conference … Continue reading

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Finch is appointed as SGA Justice

  Last Monday, the Student Government Association voted John Finch as a new justice for the judicial branch. Finch, a freshman finance major, saw this as an opportunity to gain experience in the political field. He said, “I recently got very interested … Continue reading

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Biology department displays vivarium and vertebrate museum at Gumbo Ya Ya

Photo credit: Lindory Dyson

Graduate students from the biology department came to participate in the fall 2012 Gumbo Ya Ya event, and they brought a few friends. Animals from the biology department’s vivarium and Southeastern vertebrate museum were brought out to meet the students. … Continue reading

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Resolution for North Campus speed bumps to decrease in size passed

On Oct. 8, the Student Government Association passed the resolution with a voting ratio of 22- to-1 to decrease the size of speed bumps on North Campus. The resolution FA12-22 stated: “Whereas students have expressed interest that the speed bumps … Continue reading

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SGA organizational grants are no longer offered

[HAMMOND] With the budget cuts still in the view of Southeastern Louisiana University, grants have taken a hit. Branden Summers, student government president, said, ”Last year, we gave out three grants: organizational, travel and departmental. This year, unfortunately, due to … Continue reading

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Southeastern students react to campus construction

Construction at Southeastern Louisiana University cuts North Campus in half at the southern end of the War Memorial Student Union. Its scheduled completion date is sometime in late 2014.

Hammond, LA – Walking through central campus at Southeastern Louisiana University becomes more and more of an obstacle every day, according to students returning for the fall semester. Improvements to the current World War II Memorial Student Union are expected … Continue reading

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