Senator Encourages STEM Programs in Schools

On Thursday, April 27, the Louisiana senators of the Education Committee discussed plans to form a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics councilĀ in Louisiana school systems that will create different STEM programs across Louisiana. The proposed council would consist of 29 members that managed the finances related to the STEM programs, create an high school diploma […]

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Should STEM Grow in Louisiana?

Senator Hewitt was met with no opposition as she proposed Bill 225, a bill aimed at seeing STEM programs grow and develop in Louisiana. Bill 225 has three main goals. First, the bill will create a Louisiana STEM advisory council. This advisory council will coordinate delivery, increase student interest in STEM, and increase the number […]

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Oh My! Senate Bill 225 Favorably Amended

Thursday, April 27, Senate Bill 225 was favorably amended due to no objections and all green cards in the Hainkel Room. Senate Bill 225 involves support of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in Louisiana. This Isn’t a Robot video was used to open the meeting and introduce committee and attendees to STEM. The video […]

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