The Beast within the Communication curriculum

Most communication major students dread the beast that is called Communication 498, but with this graduating thesis class also comes many real-world experiences. Students within the class this semester will be the first to tell you, those experiences do not make it any easier. The major misconception on Comm 498 is that the class isn’t […]

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Gumbo Ya Ya

Gumbo Ya-Ya was held Wednesday, October 4, 2017, an event that has become a Southeastern tradition during homecoming week for over 20 years. Speaking to Gabrielle Levet, the Events Manager for the Camps Activities Board, she explained the history behind the event. “Gumbo Ya-Ya is a traditional event held every fall during homecoming week. CAB […]

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Parking at Southeastern

With the rising number of students enrolling at Southeastern, there is bound to be a little overcrowding on campus. Parking is one of the major issues that has been highlighted by the massive jump in enrollment. Opinions around campus all focus on the key issue regarding parking, there just isn’t enough space. Brooke Tauzier, a […]

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