Third Annual “Spooktacular” Halloween Concert in Columbia Theatre

"Spooktacular" audience and stage- Photograph by Robert Pecarrere
“Spooktacular” audience and stage-Photograph by Robert Pecarrere








The Southeastern Chamber Orchestra presented the third annual “Spooktacular” Halloween Concert at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts on Wednesday. Yakov Voldman conducted the Halloween Concert and was joined by two vocalists, Angelisa Allen and Iuliia Alyeksyeyeva.

Yakov Voldman-Photograph by Robert Pecarrere
Yakov Voldman- Photograph by Robert Pecarrere

Yakov Voldman, violin instructor and conductor, found the performance enjoyable as he worked alongside the chamber orchestra on stage. Voldman said, “It’s exciting. It’s my job. I live for it. When students prepare and they play well, I enjoy it big time. I’m proud of them.”

Voldman shared the credit to the success of the concert with Paul Frechou, the associate director of bands. Voldman said, “I also have to mention in order to make it faster and better, my colleague Paul Frechou, who makes section of these events.”

Iuliia Alyeksyeyeva, a violinist and a Southeastern graduate, was one of the two vocalists of the orchestra who performed that night. She was well prepared for her pieces, since she had practiced for weeks. Alyeksyeyeva said, “It takes many, many hours and many rehearsals. We rehearsed Monday, Wednesday, Friday for several hours. Our concert is usually by the end of the semester, so we can get ready during the semester.”

Iuliia Alyeksyeyeva-Photograph by Robert Pecarrere
Iuliia Alyeksyeyeva- Photograph by Robert Pecarrere

With the allotted time to practice, Alyeksyeyeva found being on stage enjoyable. Alyeksyeyeva said, “It feels wonderful. I love to be on stage all the time: singing, playing, everything.”

In response to the performance, Christina Crappell, Southeastern General studies major and audience member, said, ” It was just spine tingling. I can’t tell you how many times I got goose bumps.”

Having enjoyed herself at the performance, she was reminiscent of being in high school. Crappell said, “I was a band nerd in high school, so this was getting back to my roots.”

Christina Crappell-Photograph by Robert Pecarrere
Christina Crappell- Photograph by Robert Pecarrere

The Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts is located on 220 E. Thomas St. For information on future events call 985-549-4371 or visit

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